Book Me

I provide the following services:


Event attendance

Want me at your party? I can show up to your event in human costume, my clown self, or somewhere in between. I am child-friendly but not child-safe. Contact me to book a date.


Press Coverage

I prefer to cover locally-produced events, locally-owned businesses, and local artists. I often cover events in exchange for admission and VIP access if my schedule is open. If you have specifications for press coverage or have a larger event you want covered, contact me directly for pricing.


Panelist Discussions

I can act as a practitioner or moderator for panelist discussions on topics like: Colorado Living, Ethical Non-Monogamy, Relationships, Human Sexuality, Community Building, Domestic Violence, Feminism, Mental Health, Physical Health, Dieting, Weight Loss, and Childhood Trauma. Please contact me directly with details about your event.


Human Resources

I provide consultations for individuals only and will do so at no cost in exchange for the permission to share your story or question anonymously on this website. You can submit your questions here.


Are you a local photographer?

If you would like to attend events with me and have your work promoted on the website, please contact me! I would like to support you and your work in exchange for using your images.