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Personal Development

I’ve spent more than thirty years minimizing myself in one way or the other, not quite accepting parts of myself that I deemed to be too much: too graphic, too weird, too intense, too complicated, too broken, too ugly, too dangerous. I am not any of these things; I am not so special and unique that the world cannot accept me – and yet I am entirely special and unique… if only I could be myself. Some of us had the misfortune of believing that if we took a leap and let others see and love us, we would not be safe there. I will talk about these things with you. 


I will share with you my journey and all of the opportunities, challenges, lessons, mistakes, and epiphanies that come with each step. At the least, I am here to be vulnerable about who I am and what I have been through. Sometimes I will expose myself through a story, and sometimes I will make you and all of my loved ones deeply uncomfortable by pulling back layers of secrecy to expose the painful bits. 



I moved to Colorado around two years ago, and I’ve moved around a lot in my life. I feel delight at the novelty of a new place and the pockets of communities within them. Consider this blog a tell-all of my discoveries about Colorado and anywhere else I go. I like to shine lights on beautiful things: You can book me by clicking here


Bullet Journaling, Plant Paradox, HR for the Employee, Chronic Pain and Illness

I want to educate you on the wonders of bullet journaling and how it has transformed my perception of myself. I want to detail a diet, i.e. a way of eating, that has blown away all of my beliefs about food and weight loss – and has dissolved a life-long sugar addiction into nothingness. I am a Human Resources professional by trade, and I want to provide insight to you, an employee of some company somewhere, about your rights and responsibilities in the workplace. I’m sick – I have a chronic spinal injury as well as a serious and complex health condition – and I want those of you struggling to know you’re not alone.  For those of you who will never have to struggle, I will let you peak inside because pain and sickness can be so invisible at times that those at their worst feel as though you are looking right past them. They deserve better and you deserve to be empowered to help, support, and love the people in your life. 


Feminism for Men

I am a feminist. But, wait! Though I believe every word I write will be graced with my deeply rooted activist beliefs, I am not here to write for those who already know and agree with me. I wish to stop the silence that surrounds feminism when it comes to men – how they are impacted by the patriarchy their own gender built and enforced and how they can navigate a world in which they are often blamed and then isolated from understanding. I believe men and women and everyone beyond or within the gender spectrum can work together to change a system that harms all of us. I believe my role is to invest in men’s education and support. Are you a man trying to understand something about your gender, your body, your role, or your relationships? Click here for more information. 


Ethical Non-Monogamy

I live as a solo ethical non-monogamous human who believes it is extremely important to challenges our ideas of jealousy, possessiveness, control, expectations, shifting personal responsibility, internal story-telling, and other toxic framework. It doesn’t matter whether we choose polyamory or monogamy for our relationships; it matters that we embrace our ethics when it comes to relating to ourselves and others. I will explore these ideas with you and allow you to challenge them at your own will. Looking to fill a panel at your event? Click here for more information.